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About iPhone and Androud Apps


The iPhone is an internet capable, multimedia smartphone. Some of the features of the iPhone are video camera
recording, portable media player and web browser. This phone has a multi-touch screen that includes a virtual
keyboard making a physical keyboard unnecessary. There are over 500,000 applications designed for the iPhone
making it more functional and entertaining than a cell phone.

Creative Apps

Creative applications on the iPhone put the ability to express yourself at your fingertips. Sketches is a
small app that allows the user to draw on the screen over top of a photo. The iPhone will send the sketch out
to a friend or contact through an email connection. Cards is an app created by Apple, which allows the user to
create greeting cards on the iPhone using customized text and photos. The cards are printed off and mailed to
a specified address by the servicing company. The program sends progress reports of the card’s status to your
iPhone using barcode technology printed on the envelope.

Entertainment Apps

Apps can turn the iPhone and Android mobile into an entertainment center. GarageBand is a music creation
program that uses touch instruments to allow for the playing of virtual instruments. The program includes an
eight track recording studio so the user can create customized music tracks. The iBooks app turns the iPhone
into a digital book reader. Purchase books and download them from the iBookstore. The program features note
taking, highlighting and underlining abilities. PDF files can be added to the iBooks library as well.

Fitness Apps

The iPhone and Android apps allow the user to turn the phone into a fitness assistant. Nike Training Club
turns the iPhone and Andriod mobile phone into a personal trainer with the creation of custom workouts
focusing on toning and strength training. The workouts include celebrity trainer sessions. Cyclemeter GPS Bike
Computer for Road Cycling & Mountain Biking actives the GPS ability of the iPhone to give the cyclist
feedback. This app is designed to motive the user to become healthier. Miles are viewed by daily, monthly or
yearly readouts. Yoga STRETCH is created by Neil Harris and allows the user to customize their yoga sessions.
The session music is selected from the iTunes collection stored on the iPhone. The software displays session
length as well as the correct form of the yoga positions.

Organizational Apps

Organizational applications turn the Android and iPhone into a personal assistant. SlimTasks is produced by
Square Coin Software and works as a simple list application. This app creates lists quickly, which can be
exported later to other apps. Toodledo – To Do List is a more in-depth list program that manages notes as
well. The goal of this iPhone app is to make the user more productive. Toodledo acts as a standalone program
or in sync with other list programs. The application can even sync with a computer.

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